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“I’ve counseled couples for over 30 years and I’ve found the work of Steven Stosny and CompassionPower® programs to be refreshing and innovative. I have complete confidence in Mary Anderson as a practitioner of this work.

I believe in Mary’s abilities and qualifications and have a great deal of respect and appreciation for her commitment to sharing these skills with others. Mary not only understands this work, but she lives it. The feedback I’ve heard from Mary’s clients indicate that their experience with Mary and the HEALS™ process has been a positive, life changing experience.”

Ed Shea,
Elmhurst, IL


“From Beaten-Down to Lifted-Up in 5 easy to follow steps”  

“Don’t waste another minute!  Conquer Insecurity NOW and transform low self esteem into
Socially Admired Emotional Strength and Power!



Mary Anderson

Have you ever acted, reacted or retracted during personal or professional contact with others – and wished you could take it back? 

Did you walk away wondering how you can be:

  • The authentic you?
  • The positive you?
  • The proactive you?
  • The comfortable you?
  • The socially confident you?

You know you have it in you.  But you clearly have difficulty tapping into it when you need to. Some might even say you have “issues” – especially those closest to you. But do you really?

Is low self-esteem an issue if it’s easy to overcome?

Of course not.  It is at best – something that you are made aware of, and are then given the choice to change.  But only YOU can take action and make a positive change.  Only you can commit to WHEN you do it.

So…since you are here – you have certainly acknowledged that you (or someone you love) lives with low self esteem. 

Now when are you going to take action and commit to getting over it?

Ultimately, feelings of self-doubt lead to even more self-loathing and it becomes a vicious cycle.  The worse you feel about yourself, the more you behave in ways you aren’t proud of, and the cycle continues .  It’s time to break the cycle!   

With a strong commitment TODAY and 5 simple steps, you can:

  • Find strength in your true self and know with confidence that you can be YOU without self-doubt.

  • Find the good in you and be that person that everyone else admires and even looks up to as a role model.

  • Find the smart you so that you can choose the best response to any situation that presents itself – and avoid looking like an explosive wreck.

  • Find the courage to socialize with others without guard or fears or walking on egg shells.

  • AND, enjoy the great personality in you that comes out to play with others!

But will you experience all of the greatness in you if you don’t take the leap and whip yourself into emotional shape today?

Positive affirmations (and other surface work) will not go deeply enough to eliminate low self esteem for the long term.

And deep breathing or counting to ten might make you feel better in the moment, but it won’t completely release the negative energy that you’ve stored in your body over time.

To achieve permanent results, you must deal with the issues that caused your low self esteem to begin with – Feel the pain – and HEAL it!

Decide Today to Stop “Surviving” and Start “Thriving”!  

After living with an emotionally abusive husband for thirteen years, I was determined to find answers to improving low self esteem. I felt lost and alone. But I was driven to change that! Something deep inside me told me I could do it, even when the rest of me was screaming that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to figure it out.

So I began the search. I started therapy, researching online, and read as many books as I could on improving low self esteem. I searched for activities to build self confidence, and I read about anger, resentment, abuse, and even co-dependency.

I was hungry for anything that could explain how I had gone from what I thought was a confident, secure person to this unworthy, inadequate one.

What I found is that most of the information out there on improving low self esteem is either too clinical to understand or full of “fluff” – positive affirmations that didn’t provide long lasting results.

I was looking for a way of improving low self esteem that was:

  • Empowering,
  • Easy to follow,
  • Immediate, and
  • Long-Lasting

I wanted to be:

  • The confident person others look to for direction
  • Ready to tackle anything
  • Able to rise to the occasion when necessary and content to let someone else in the spotlight when it was their time to shine.
  • In control of my emotions, and not reactive to what other people said or thought about me.

I started training with internationally recognized author, speaker and therapist Steven Stosny, PhD. in his programs on emotional regulation.

Suddenly I realized that all the time, money and effort I put into this had paid off.

I felt:

  • Strong
  • Confident
  • Alive
  • Able!

I felt so good that I decided to change careers and make empowering others with this incredible knowledge my life’s work. That’s how I’ve come to you.

Immediate Action Equals Immediate Results!

  • Battle the demons of low self-worth by reconnecting with who you are and recognizing your inner strengths and value.
  • Implement simple emotional exercises regularly to build your immunity to psychological pain and release negative energy.
  • Feel the pain of self-doubt for a moment and then associate it with VALUE to reverse the effects of low self esteem for good!

See how others have experienced positive results:  

I am 22 years old, and the work I am doing/have done with Mary's help has made a big difference in the way I handle my day to day life and interactions with family, friends, and coworkers.  I learned how to value myself and therefore not be swayed by everyday irritations and live with resentment. … Simply put, I would recommend this program and guidance from Mary Anderson for anyone and everyone looking to live their life in a more positive and resentment-less way.

Courtney Knudsen
Plainfield , IL

I attended Mary's seminar. I took this at a time when I needed a little more than i was effectively getting or doing on my own. Mary was able to recommend a book that helped me put some life issues in perspective. I was also to learn why driving in traffic and getting irritated (road rage?) was in part a lack of self love and some hurts from the past actually doing this. WHO KNEW? I was able to work thru the exercises with Mary both in class and again OL where we actually discussed this a bit more. I even did her 6 week (or was it 8?) follow up OL class which was beneficial.

I was able to discuss things with examples in more detail and get a little bit of information. while i may not be cured, i don't frustrate in traffic near as much, almost never anymore. pretty much now if i do it's my own fault for leaving late. if you don't do the follow up do take the seminar. it's very eye opening to learn how to heal those little things from the past and take value in yourself. when you value yourself AND the person hurting you (even if it's a past hurt) you can feel compassion toward them and be a better, healthier and happy person!

Jeanene Wruck
Sandwich, IL

Mary Anderson is an insightful, compassionate counselor and a patient, thorough teacher. The information and techniques she shares are fundamental lessons, universally applicable for anyone engaged in the struggle of wanting to do better, wanting to feel better, yet not knowing how.

Heidi M.
Glen Ellyn, IL

Tackle the Root Cause and Experience Immediate & Lasting Change!

 Examine these self esteem facts:

  • Low self esteem may surface in adulthood, but has it’s roots in childhood experiences.

  • People form their self-esteem – positive or negative – from the day they are born. Childhood is a time when a person “fixes” his place in the world, and a child’s feelings of self-worth are molded by the expectations and perceptions of the important people in his life.

  • It’s clear that these deep rooted feelings cannot be healed with superficial advice or solutions. “Feel good” methods of improving your low self esteem treat the symptoms of low self esteem, instead of healing the pain which originally caused it. Like ice on a wound, they prevent true healing by masking the pain.

  • In order to experience life-long results in improving your low self esteem, you MUST heal from past (and sometimes painful) experiences.

Ted Dobbs of Michigan describes his experience:

In my 8 or so years of counseling, nothing has come close to what I experienced with you during our session.

Thomas D
Kalamazoo, MI

Feel It – Heal It – & Move On!

In the Self Esteem Boot Camp we go deeper than surface work. We help you tackle the demons that depleted your self esteem in the first place. Once you identify the cause, you are prepared to heal the pain.

But never fear! - We won’t leave you in the trenches trying to figure out how to climb out – That’s all part of this program. We give you the tools to dig your way out step-by-step.

Our “Boot Camp Basics” Webinar Arms You with Everything You Need to get Started Today!

  • Based on the work of internationally recognized author, speaker and therapist Steven Stosny, PhD, the quality of this work is proven and backed by years of research, clinical trials, and client feedback.
  • Thanks to our step-by-step action plan, you are 5 steps away from the authentic, strong, smart, confident YOU!
  • Defeat emotional insecurities with our specific technique of identifying the root cause of your confidence issues and find the key to improving low self esteem for good!
  • Finally get the answers to why anger management doesn’t work when you see scientific evidence of how the body processes and responds to emotions.
  • Understand what your emotions are “motivating” you to do – giving you the ability to stop questioning yourself and stop trusting unwisely.
  • Stop letting people “push your buttons” and free yourself from living in “reaction” mode by learning how to regulate your emotions!  

After “Boot Camp Basics”, you'll be able to:

  • Balance self compassion with compassion for others
  • Live with less stress and anxiety
  • Think clearly even during emotional times
  • Act in your short and long term best interests
  • Control emotional outbursts caused by anger and defensiveness,
  • Give to others without losing yourself.
  • Heal from or end abusive relationships
  • Stop road rage
  • Maintain healthy self esteem
  • Have stronger and healthier life relationships and success!

I’ve spent years trying to get help and thousands of dollars on therapy and other products that claim to be the answer to building self esteem. And what I found in this program far outweighs all the other products and therapy that I tried.

By practicing the techniques taught in Boot Camp Basics”, I feel great about myself for the first time in years. I’ve become the person I used to envy - ready to take on whatever gets thrown in my path. I’m not sure how I’d price that. Feeling this way is truly priceless.

I’ve been teaching this program for over a year now and providing personal coaching to people all over the country. But I wanted as many of you as possible to experience the pride and self confidence that comes with Boot Camp Basics”.

So, in order to reach as many people as possible, especially those of you searching for immediate answers and help, I’ve developed this online webinar (web seminar): Boot Camp Basics for the low price of $67 NOW: $33.50! And, since you can play the webinar on demand, you can watch it anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.

By doing Boot Camp Basics, you WILL experience positive results in improving your low self esteem – that’s a promise! 

Add these bonuses to guarantee your success…

  • Learn everything you need to know about low self esteem with our eBook: “Storming the Self Esteem Obstacle Course” (valued at $37). You’d never go to basic training without preparing…use this eBook to get yourself “Boot Camp Ready”!

  • Become self-aware and achieve self acceptance by using our bonus: “Boot Camp Basics” Daily Journal (valued at $14.97) which allows you to monitor your progress daily.

  • See your success – see it, touch it, feel it and be proud of it! Use our bonus “Boot Camp Progress Wheel” to measure your progress as you go through “Boot Camp Basics”. (valued at $9.97)

  • Stop the confusion about Self Esteem: Our special report "Self Esteem Decoded" will give you answers to how experts have changed their views on self esteem over the years and help you decode the research, saving you hours and hours of time.

Get the same high quality content of a live seminar at a fraction of the cost!

  • Because Boot Camp Basics is available online, you can start today! No waiting for mail delivery, no traveling to a regional seminar; You’ll have everything you need to start improving your low self esteem immediately from the comfort of your own home!  

  • And, thanks to our no questions asked, money back guarantee, there is zero risk to you to try out this program today!

So, let’s get started! Boot Camp is all about taking action to make positive change! You can do this! I can’t wait to hear how much better you feel at the end of Boot Camp Basics”! 


100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee:

“100% Satisfaction Guaranteed,
1 Year Money Back Guarantee"

I’m so confident that the strategies taught in Boot Camp Basics will improve your self esteem that I’m including a one year, 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

That’s right: You have 365 days to put this valuable course to work in your own life.

Test it – practice these techniques. Once you’ve used these strategies and implemented the step-by-step action plan we’ve laid out for you to rebuild your sense of self, I’m confident you’ll never want to send it back!

But if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out any money! Just email us and we’ll refund every dime you’ve invested. Right up to the final day of this 365 day guarantee!


Warmest Regards,

Mary Anderson


P.S. Keep in mind… NOT taking action is actually harming you in ways you can’t even imagine…

Low self esteem:

  • interferes with your ability to have a strong and secure relationships

  • creates a dynamic in which you’re bound to attract someone who thinks as poorly of you as you think of yourself - which begins a negative cycle where you are unable to get the approval and acceptance that you are seeking from your loved one.

  • Causes you to second guess yourself to the point of becoming angry or defensive with your loved ones because something they say or do has triggered your feelings of being inadequate or unworthy.

  • Leads to abuse, which leads to even more self-loathing.

    Here's how the cycle plays out - When you hurt someone you love, you automatically hurt yourself and your self esteem takes a hit because you are built with a strong instinct to protect them.

    Imagine for a moment if you witnessed a stranger harming someone you love (either verbally or physically). What is your reaction? You feel anger and loathing for that person and a desire to intervene to protect your loved one, right?

    Well, when you are the perpetrator of that pain, you have the same psychological response to the incident, but that sense of anger and loathing is now turned inwardly at yourself. And the cycle of self-loathing continues.

  • Affects your ability to make every day decisions in your best interests.

Start improving low self esteem today! Take action to ensure feeling good about yourself again!
Reclaim your power
to be valued and respected!

You ARE worth it!  



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